Which dual cor is best for gaming and other task

hi guys i am big fan :bounce: of tomshardware i think you will solve my problem .

i don't know more about processors so my problem is which dual core is best for gaming and other common task.
problem main is my motherboard socket i bought it last year
it's socket is lga775.my mother borad is jetway no. G03-l31gm4-f
retailer say amd and i3 i5 i7 are not supported on your motherboard and intel stop making core 2 duo that's why i'm here
so it's a big problem for me. i don't want to be change my motherboard because i am planning to bough graphic card for gaming 650w psu 2gb more ram.
so my budget is already too

some dual core.E600.E5700.E5800.E5800 which is best ro any other processors on your suggestion.. :)
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  1. The following is a list of supported CPUs. The E5700 and E5800 are not part of the list.


    The best dual core CPU for that motherboard is the E8600.
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