How long thus it takes for a new mobo to be released

Hello , i read somewhere that there is a new CPU coming out named Hashwell this june and it uses a new socket (1150) . So i was wondering when they release it, how long thus it normally take for it to be on the market , and how long would it normally take for a mobo that support the CPU to be in the market.

and sorry if i post it in the wrong section , dont know where i should post this :D
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  1. new chipset (mobos) and processors will come out at the same time. You said it comes out in june in the first sentence and then you ask when they release it? lol?
  2. It varies between OEM (either Intel or AMD).

    Intel has been horrible over the last 5 years with new sockets while AMD has been great ....

    at least, until the Llano APU and socket FM1
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