Best Power supply for gtx 660ti under INR 5000

My old psu busted up recently so i wanna get a new psu which will be ready for gtx 660ti when it comes out, it is preferable if the psu is under INR 5000 (~$99).
P.S. what is the power requirement for the gtx 660ti?
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  1. We don't know for sure what the power requirements will be but we can guess that 500W would be enough and go for nearer 600W to be on the safe side and for increased efficiency.

    Go for the best 550-600W PSU you can afford from a well known manufacturer and check reviews before buying! look at Corsair, Antec, Silverstone, Enermax, etc.
  2. i found a cooler master gx 750w @ INR 6790(~$139)
  3. harryarchere said:
    i found a cooler master gx 750w @ INR 6790(~$139)

    The CM PSU's are not as good as the brands mentioned above but they is sometimes hard to find the other ones in India, XFX or OCZ would be couple of other companies to look for.
  4. xfx pro 550w is a great deal!
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