8600 GT (SLI mode) vs 220

I know there are better cards out there but please help me decide between these two setups.

Only games I really play will be WoW, STWOR (so soon!!) and some facebook games and streaming videos online (to my 37" LCD TV).

If I do go with the 220, obviously I will use one of the 8600's for PhysX.
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  1. I would sli the 8600.
  2. :lol: Yep.
  3. no budget. I guess the 8600's will have to do for now than. Thanks guys.
  4. skip029 said:
    no budget. I guess the 8600's will have to do for now than. Thanks guys.

    If you can buy GT220 why not buy a latest generation card on that segment ?? For example a Radeon HD 6570 !
    Here a review link of that card : http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-6570-radeon-hd-6670-turks,2925.html
    GT220 is a big CRAP :non:
  5. If you have the parts laying around or something and you just have to choose, the 8600s SLIed would be much better than a 220. Chances are in raw performance a single 8600 will be faster than a 220.
  6. scratch that las line in my last post.. i just looked at the specs of the 2 cards and the a single 220 would be a tiny bit faster than a single 8600. But SLI 8600 would be faster, as long as the game or application supports SLI.
    The 220 has the same amount of texture units (16) but slightly higher clocks. Both are dx 10. Performance would be very similar.
  7. Thanks guys for the reply. Yeah, I'm not buying either of them, I just have them lying around.
  8. Just wanted to update you guys that still care lol......

    This past weekend I got into the STWOR beta. The 8600 GT (SLI) ran like crap. FPS = 17ish and would crash sometimes when I took the in-game taxi service to far places.

    I put in the 220 GT (which really was a 320 GT woot) and placed one of the 8600's as a dedicated PhysX card and STWOR ran way smoother. FPS = 30ish

    Sticking to the 320 for now. Thanks for the input guys!!
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