Enough Power?

I asked this under Systems: New Build without any helpful response. I would really appreciate your help!!

I have a new, never used, 3 to 5 year old, ANTEC P190-1200 case. It comes with 2 power supplies installed. One 650 Watt for the motherboard and, I think, its also for the video card; and, one 550 Watt power supply for everything else.

I intend to build a computer using this case. It will have the following components.

Motherboard, ASUS Sabertooth, X79
CPU, Intel i7-3820
Video Card, ASUS ENGTX570
1 each, Western Digital, Caviar Black, 2TB
3 each, WesternDigital, Caviar Black, 1 TB
CORSAIR H70 Core High Perfromance Liquid CPU Cleaner

The ANTEX case comes with 5 or 6 built-in fans that have to be powered.

Are the 2 pre-installed power suplies adequate? How should I divide up components between the 2 power supplies?

Thank you for any help you can give!!
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  1. I would get a 650 just to be sure, but tbh that should work fine
  2. Just use the 650w, you don't need 2 power supplies.
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