Intex orion

will atx v2.3 psu fit in yhis cabinet

i am upgrading intex psu inside which is crap with corsair cx430 v2

link to image :

link to specs :

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  2. Should be no problem for the Corsair CX430 PSU.

  3. The case is sized for a standard ATX v2.3 PSU.

    The only problem you might face is if the PSU is longer than the standard size and your DVD drive is also longer than average.
    Other wise - no problem.
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    No problem .. it will fit.
  5. WR2 said:
    No problem .. it will fit.

    can any brand will fit on my cabinet?

    suggest me cheapest best psu for my rig for future proof?
  6. What's in the future?
  7. WR2 said:
    What's in the future?

    i mean if i buy high end gpu for gaming i mostly buy amd?
  8. Pretty much any brand with fit.

    Considering the poor cooling options for Intex Orion -
    you don't want to be thinking about putting expensive CPU and graphics card parts in there for future upgrading.

    You need to be thinking about a better gaming case for 'future proof'.
  9. you talked about poor cooling

    so which cpu and gpu be more than enough for my rig with corsair cx430 v2

    i have 22" led monitor and i want to max out every setting in the game

    or please tell me which high end gpu is supported by corsair cx430 v2
  10. You didn't mention what game.

    Did you buy the Corsair CX430 V2 already?
  11. no i was thinking will cx430 v2 be able to handle any high end gpu

    if it does which gpu and model , i mostly like amd

    for games i am talking about future dx 11 games
  12. The CX430 V2 won't handle the top GPUs.
    Same for that case.

    You seem to be going for budget parts (Intex Orion case, CX430 PSU, etc) but you want to max out settings in future DX 11 games.

    You don't seem to have a plan that fits your goal - top end gaming.
  13. ok suggest me best radeon budget gpu that cx430 v2 can handle with budget intex orion case?
  14. AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card.

    Can be powered by the CX430 V2 and will fit in the Orion case.
  15. WR2 said:
    AMD Radeon HD 6850 graphics card.

    Can be powered by the CX430 V2 and will fit in the Orion case.

    e5700 compatible with hd 6850

    if not suggest me best cpu core2duo?core2quad???

    or i have to upgrade to i3,i5,i7 generation

    if thats the case suggest me good second generation cpu motherboard combo that will fit my case
  16. Pentium E5700 Wolfdale (C2D) is compatible with HD 6850 and Corsair CX430 v2.

    Do you already have the E5700?
  17. Least expensive upgrade for best gaming performance looks like new PSU and Graphics card.
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