Are these temps too high for idle?

I worry about my CPU, sometimes the temp goes up to 51 degrees at 27% CPU usage.
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  1. What cooler are you using? Case? Is it unusually hot where you are located?

    We need more info about your setup before we can say if your temps are unreasonable or not.
  2. If Its A Stock Cooler, And Your Not Getting Any Crashes It Seems Normal And You Neednt Worry
  3. I am using a ZalmanZ7 plus case with one 120mm fan in the front, one 120mm fan on the side and one 120mm fan at the back.

    The air coming out of my PSU fan feels warmer than any other fans air.

    It's summer here and about 25-33 degrees Celsius everyday.

    Every cooler is stock.
  4. What does your CPU hit at 100% load? Stock coolers aren't great, but they should keep you below ~70C at full load.
  5. I can try to find out.

    Would running Skyrim put it at 100%, perhaps GTA IV or Darksiders.

    Can I just run both Skyrim and Speccy then alt tab and check the temperatures?
  6. CPU-Z has a loading test that'll give you temps at different % loading if you feel so inclined.

    Games don't necessarily put it at 100%, but for a gaming-only PC (i.e. no work) it's probably the most realistic scenario.
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