Games move in slow motion for a few seconds

System Specs:

Mobo: MSI 980a
CPU: Phenom II x4 955
RAM: 16GB G.Skill
GPU: x2 GTX 560Ti MSI twin frozr II SLi (x8 x8)
PSU: 1kw Thermaltake Toughpower
OS: Win7

Everything is running at Factory speeds

I noticed the issue when playing L4D2. Now it happens during BF3. While I am playing, for an instant, the graphics will slow down. It feels like slow motion for maybe a good 30 seconds. After that, the game will return to normal.

I posted here for a place to begin my troubleshooting. The only other thing i can think of is the PSU. I can swap out my HTPC PSU(was an 850w i had, i know its large for HTPC), but before that happens I want to see if I can pinpoint this issue first.

I run EVGA precision and monitor the GPU usage while in game. While playing L4D2, the GPUs usage would drop to 20% and then fluctuate irratically to 90% until the cards stabilize themselves. During BF3, I didnt get a chance to analyze what the percentages were, but it happened.

Temps stay below 70C and the fans run below 90%

Anything information I left out that you need let me know. Ask the questions to help me please! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Read this

    560ti got its hidden problems in sli just like the 6870
  2. gnomio said:
    Read this

    560ti got its hidden problems in sli just like the 6870

    I have read about micro stuttering. But also, what i read said it wasnt noticable at all. With the tests from this link, it shows a noticiable difference in the graphs. I think it was Tom's article on micro-stuttering... if not another site.
  3. no the 560s dont stutter their ram a bit slow causing lag
  4. So i have been constantly searching google with different thread topics and i think i found others w/ the same issue.

    Pretty much what is happening if i didnt explain it enough is:

    When i am playing everything is fine. Then all of a sudden the game starts to slow down, almost noticing a "frame by frame" motion. After a 15 seconds, it returns to normal. As far as fixes i still have not found anything.

    The threads i have read through have said disable SLi to see if that is causing the issue w/ the game(s). I have had this same issue w/ L4D2 and BF3. Others have had this issue w/ Space Marine, WoW, and other games.

    Anyway, there response to the answer to there thread was, "disabling SLi helped". So to further this thread w/ a positive answer, I am going to try disabling SLI and playing when i have a few hours open to test. I will get back with you on the info.

    Hopefully NVIDIA will address this issue soon.
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