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Voting.. what is it, and where are the statistics?


I've been here a few months now and have seen some threads have vote buttons with thumbs up/down.

Why do some threads have voting, some don't?
Where do these votes go?
What's in it for the person that gets the most votes good or bad?
Why is there a limit on how many votes that can be cast in one day?
Is it ethical for a person to vote for themselves? (well, if they only vote thumbs up all the time anyway).

Do all question post come with a "Best Answer" button? I see a lot of excellent answers that go unrewarded by people that truly solved some difficult problems (I myself have learned a lot from others).
Should that last question be in it's own thread?
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More about voting statistics
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    Discussion topics get the thumbs, while question topics have best answers. I think the thumbs top out a 20 up, and at about -5 down the post gets hidden. You cannot thumbs up or down your own post and can only thumbs up and down a post once. There is no limit on the number that can be thumbed up or down in one day, you can go through a 10 page discussion thread and decide on each one i doubt the system would stop you.
  3. Hunter is right on the money, there.
  4. Thanks for the info. I never understood why the thumbs were there sometimes, and sometimes not. Not very observant I guess.
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