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hi everyone, im trying to upgrade my processor, i currently have a e2180. i have looked around and people have told me to upgrade to a e8400 and others say e8500. I would really like to know what is the difference between these two and if they are compatible with my computer. the computer i have is a acer am1641-u1521a and the motherboard is a nvidia mcp73. i found that my motherboard is a 775 socket type and the two processors suggested to me are 775 socket type. but like i said, would it be compatible? i could really use some advice, ty
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  1. Yes.
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    either the e8400 or e8500 will do. The only difference is a small speed difference.
  3. yes they are compatible , the difference is that the e8500 has 160hz more over the 8400.

    I would go for a q6600 G0 stepping though but it is slightly more expensive.
  4. No on the q6600 as it has a different TDP
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