G.skill ddr2 ram is not working!

hi friends,
Recently i jsut bought a G.Skill ddr2 F2-6400CL5s-2GBNT Ram
and my motherboard is ECS- GT31-M7
but its not running in my pc neither in my friends pc we all are having ddr2mothrboard.

whenever i am inserting that ram into that motherboard the computer is not able to start my CPU is runing but not showing any Display.

is that ram doesn't support.
or Ram is defective.

please help me out friends.

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  1. If your old memory did not match the new stuff(speed and timings), You may want to try to reset the cmos/clear_rtc to see if the board will detect the SPD timings on the new stuff.

    2 gigabyte sticks should work on that board without issue.

    You may also be able to use the old memory to set the timings speed manually, IF the old sticks are NOT 800mhz, just set 667 and use timings of 5-5-5-15 to be safe. Then try to swap in the new stuff.
  2. You can try clear the CMOS jumper on the motherboard after installing the memory. Please make sure the CPU can support 800MHz memory.
  3. for LGA775 systems, The chipset is the limiting factor(not the cpu) and the board lists support for 800mhz.

    @ ky_ecsusa, My K7S5A still works :)
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