FX-8350 with no 990FX chipset motherboard ?


I´m buying a processor AMD FX-8350 and XFX Double D HD 7870 1000MHz 2GB GDDR5 FX-787A-CDFC!!! With this 2 products

With these two products was a little expensive and not spend too much for now, I'm thinking of buying a cheaper motherboard (with the same socket AM3 + (Asus AMD AM3 + M5A78L-M LX / BR for example)) for now and then make a upgrade to a motherboard Asus Crosshair V Formula type-Z for example with Chipset 990FX.

My question is if for now use an FX-8350 processor with this cheaper motherboard With no Chipset 990FX , going to work or not? Even if it lose performance, work?

Thank you all.

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  1. Hi, Most probably boards would need a BIOS update.
    Here's the CPU Support List from ASUS for M5A-78L-M LX:
    8350 is not listed. It might work though.
    However for updating the BIOS on that board you would need an old supported CPU.
  2. Uhm...
    Good to know.

    Tks a lot broo
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