New NIC doesnt show up in Network connections or Dev. Man.

Hi guys, have a problem. I put Win7 on a customed pc bought online. The motherboard has an Atheros L1 integrated NIC and I installed a Dlink dge530t NIC into a PCI slot. I know I have to disable the onboard nic but the installed card is not comming up either in Device manager or network connections. What gives? In the bios under integrated peripherals i did enable PnP OS.
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  1. Check Windows Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager.

    Was there a driver disk in the box with the card or did Windows recognise it as new hardware when you restarted Windows after inserting D-Link ?

    You probably don't need to disable the built in NIC but may be a good idea in terms of resources.
  2. Yes I used the new Nics CD to install the drivers and no windows did not recognise the NIC at startup.
  3. Try a different slot if one is available. Otherwise you may have to conclude that the D-Link is defective.
  4. Is there anything listed under Other Devices in the Device Manager?
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