Applying thermal paste to a laptop CPU

Ok I had a question. My sister has a HP laptop with an I3 2330m processor. It's been acting weird the last couple days,it's been running loud and hot. I took the laptop apart and dusted it out with compressed air, but it wasn't really that bad at all. I put it back together and CPU fan is still running kind of loud and hot. I took it apart again and took off the heatsink. All I can say is wow I guess they never heard of a small dab this thing is loaded with thermal paste. Pretty much the whole chip is covered in thermal paste. So my question is how much thermal paste do you put on the processor. This is a picture of the chip:

I know for a desktop you apply a pea size dab but even that seems like alot. You only need to cover the little black square in the center right?
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  1. Only a little is needed and you already know what you need to get done so good luck.
  2. Ok thanks. I just wasn't sure how much to apply. I want to make sure I have enough on there but I don't want globs on there. The amount they put on they put on there is nuts. It looks like the Three Stooges took a bucket of thermal paste and poured it on the CPU.
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