Help plz! Is this a good pc spec?

Cyberpower $1149

•CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2500K 3.30 GHz 6M Intel Smart Cache LGA1155
•HDD: 1TB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 32MB Cache 7200RPM HDD
•FAN: Asetek 510LC Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator & Fan
•MOTHERBOARD: [CrossFireX] Asus P8Z68-V LX Intel Z68
•VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 2GB 16X PCIe Video Card
•POWERSUPPLY: * 750 Watts - Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2 80 Plus Power Supply - Quad SLI Ready

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  1. Not Bad
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    It's fine, although you might want to add some RAM to it :) Don't go overboard - a kit of 2 x 4GB 1600MHz would be plenty, and RAM is really cheap at the moment.

    Are you building it yourself? If so, beware that working with a liquid cooler is a bit fussier than an air cooler - make sure you don't kink the pipes, because restrictions in the liquid flow can drastically reduce its efficiency. Also, make sure you have enough air flow over the motherboard; a lot of motherboards count on the CPU cooler to provide airflow over the voltage regulators.
  3. Thanks. i'm building it online cyberpower website.
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