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Hi guys

I just got my new APC Back-UPS Pro 900 but I'm a bit confused as to what I can connect and how. The specification can be found here.

I would like to connect my workstation, main monitor, router and cable modem. The UPS should deliver a max. of 540W which I am quite sure I will not exceed but I am unsure of my watt usage. I only need battery time to do a controlled shutdown.

The monitor uses 50W. The workstation has a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU and 2 Radeon HD5670, 4x2GB Kingston RAM, 2 HDDs and 1 SSD. I rarely do CPU/GPU intensive work. The workstation PSU is a Corsair at 550W. I don't know how much the router and cable modem is using as it is not specified in the manuals. Is this UPS adequate for my needs?

Following the numbering in the APC manual I will connect my workstation to outlet 8, the monitor to outlet 7 and the router and modem to outlets 6. Is this correct?

Finally. The master outlet from the wall does not have the 3rd pin (ground?) as it is a old city apartment. This is however Berlin, Germany so the power is stable for all I know. Do I risk anything connecting all my equipment without ground or is the ground just there to protect me from getting shocked?

Further I would like to provide surge protection to the rest of my equipment. Can i just connect an extension chord to outlets 3/4? I need more than the 4 available outlets but unsure if this would overload the UPS somehow.
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  1. A lot to guess about here. Do not know German power. You need a ground in order to get surge protection. I would just put computer and monitor on UPS. If you are in the bathroom when power fails, run to unit and power down. It will handle 540 watts but the battery determines how long the thing will keep your gear running. The more that is plugged in the less time you have. Your computer and monitor are probably over 400 watts. You will not have a lot of time.
    Best to get a ground. Best to get another UPS for cable modem and router. What I do is add external car battery (My ups has 12V battery). Then I have internet & cable for weeks. Make sure car battery is charged before adding to system.
  2. without ground you have no surge protection as said.

    Leave the modem, speakers, router, etc on wall power and only use the UPS for the computer and monitor. Do you really need the modem and router to work if the whole apt is without power?
    As is I'm estimating you have about 4 to 5 minutes of runtime on a new UPS.
  3. I too was thinking 4 to 5 minutes. If you are at the keyboard that is time to shut down. In a larger invironment than one room you need time to know what happened and get there. Say you are having lunch and the power goes off. If you do not have VOIP phones then the cabel and router may not be too important. You can plug a power strip in the surge only part of the ups for the other stuff.
  4. German power is 220-230V 50Hz as in rest of Europe.

    Turns out my computer and main monitor uses about 170W for my most normal use case. The UPS says I have around 30 mins of battery time in case of power failure. Thanks for the info on surge protection - I will get the wall outlet grounded then.

    Remaining question is whether I can attach an extension chord to one of the surge protection outlets for adding more devices than the UPC has outlets for?
  5. yes you can as long as you don't exceed the UPS's rated output usually expressed in watts (w)

    edit - 5 minute estimate was in a wosrt case scenario such as hvy gaming or video encoding which would power up both graphics cards.

    Typically you can connect a cable, ups or serial, between the ups and pc which would allow you to have an automatic shutdown begin should you be afk.
  6. Quote:
    yes you can as long as you don't exceed the UPS's rated output usually expressed in watts (w)

    Does the watt rating also apply to the outlets which only provide surge protection and no backup power?

    If yes why is this the case? As I understand it the surge protection is only related to the voltage and providing protection against spikes etc.
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