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I have a question about Gskill [ TridentX ] F3-2400C10D-8GTX ]
my pc spec is:
. MB Asus maximus v gene
. Intel i5 3570k
In Gskill web-site [] my MB and processor are listed as compatible, but my question is, does someone has a setup like mine and can tell me if everything is working properly like just "plug and play"? I know i have to set XMP,or make it manual, but i just want to be sure if those memory work fine with my settings.
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  1. Yes , all should be a good match.
  2. Sometimes the BIOS needs updated for ram compatibility but the mb site will tell you that info.
  3. i5-3570K is not guaranteed for DDR3-2400. Only the i7-3770K. So if you have issues with XMP, you may need to try DDR3-2133 with lower timings, or try boosting your VCCSA Voltage to see if you can force it stable.

    Thank you
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