Which water cooling system should I buy?

I am thinking about upgrading to water cooling. I have an AMD 8150 CPU, and I have a Thermaltake Armour + case. I am looking at the Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Plus, and the CORSAIR H100. Which is better for my system? Any suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. definately the h100 or even the h80

    heres a review of the thermaltake

  2. Do you know a kit similar to the thermaltake that is better. It sounds great if they actually tried and not just threw it together, but I would love a similar system. I will not comfortable enough to go custom yet.
  3. You could do the water cooling yourself for about the same price; i guess that you want the coloured tubing? if you do it yourself you might have to spend £20 or $30 more but it will be worth it, and you get to use a 200mm radiator like on the h100 and the looks of the Thermaltake.
  4. also the performance will be a lot better.
  5. Is doing it my self difficult? I am not sure about that, I am afraid I would mess up and short out my pc. Is there a guide about it somewhere?
  6. the are plenty here is a to my Favourite video tut.

  7. I got into water cooling with the XSPC 750 RS240 kit and must say it was quite easy after just a bit of learning witch I did while I was waiting for the kit to arrive. The kit I got from http://www.frozencpu.com/products/11743/ex-wat-159/XSPC_Rasa_750_RS240_Universal_CPU_Water_Cooling_Kit_w_Free_Kill_Coil.html?tl=g30c321s1310 has every thing you need to get going. The price is not much more than the H100 and you get something you can expand upon in the future unlike the sealed units.
  8. DO it yourself, DO NOT GET THE THERMALTAKE BIGWATER 760! It breaks down, leaks and gives terrible performance. Go with a beginner XSPC Rasa or Raystorm kit. I would also post in the watercooling (overclocking) section of the forums.
  9. Does the XSPC 750 RS240 work on am3+?
  10. Corsair H100
  11. jed_PK said:
    Does the XSPC 750 RS240 work on am3+?

    Yep! It comes with all mounting brackets for current sockets. Though I do recommend either the EX kit or raystorm kit.
  12. Excuse me But the thermaltake big water 760 plus does not leak it is a excellent system iv'e had mine for 6 months with no problems my current idle tempretures have been 3 to 4 degrees no higher and on full load with all 8 cores running at 100% my cpu temp only gets up to 30 degrees so for a 150 bucks you cant go wrong some people need to stop talking out there ass
  13. We tend to discourage folks from using Thermaltakes water kits as they are lower quality and use weaker pumps as well as aluminium components,
    if you haven't already posted in Overclocking/Watercooling subsection I would recommend you do so,
    and give the watercooling sticky a good read through to arm yourself with some knowledge,
    Building a loop from a kit is not hard, it just requires a little application and thought, and its as safe as you make it, if you cut corners, you risk everything
    RX/EX kits also get my stamp of approval, my loop started life long ago as an RX240 kit
    Swiftech do good kits too but I am one of the people that will steer you away from allinone coolers like H50/60, H100 isn't bad but for similar money you can build your own loop which is upgradeable when you want to
    We're here to help man,
    @Zman456,your idle temps are 3-4'c? do you live in a freezer or the arctic? if not, I'd check those temps :)

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