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Looking to upgrade to HD 6850


My current build:

Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB DDR2 800

Apevia 500w

BFG Tech GTS 250

ASRock G31M-S

I've decided that the HD 6850 is the best card for my budget but will it work well with my system? If not, any suggestions for upgrades?

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  1. CPU bottleneck is guaranteed.Also it is recommended to change your PSU to some well known brands like xfx,corsair,thermaltake etc.
  2. Upgrading the mobo/psu/cpu would be required I guess? My budget for that would be about $400.
  3. Including Gfx??
  4. No, the gfx would be extra.
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    I think this would be best:
    Intel core i5 2300.($180)
    H67 chipset($60-100)
    xfx core edition 550($70)
    4GB -8GB Ram($30-50 )
  6. I don't really need the case but I think I'll go with the i5 2500k.

    Thanks all.
  7. +1 for 2500k
  8. Dont feel bad spending 20 - 25% of your budget on the Power Supply.

    Ask yourself if you would want to be driving around in a Dodge Viper if it had a Dodge Neon engine in it.

    The thing delivering the power is just as important as what you power with it.
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