Motherboard Hiarchy and Brand.

I'm trying to understand the brands and levels of motherboards. I understand that it's based on features and chip selection.

1) We have high end boards, people who will spend the extra cash to get more PCIe slots, more ram slots,
2) We have mid range that has PCI slots, 4 ram slots, on board sound features, more usb etc
3) We have low range that has the basics.

Now the only company I was able to understand this tier is ASUS, they have Extreme, Formula, and Gene. Now what about the boards UNDER that, like the black with blue highlight boards starting with "P" and ending with like "Deluxe" or "Pro" why would one choose these?

Is this for like business/home users?
Can i use this to game?
Do people use these to game?
How does Asus break this line up?

I also noticed they have a "Z" and a "P" i'm doing research too so i'm not blindly asking now. Im guessing these are not so focused on gaming. Z meaning Xeon and P meaning Pentium?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Boards are ranked on features and quality, then for the uses there are different chipsets as well. Really if you are looking at Asus and select their Z77 boards then if you sort them by price is usually and indication of what you are getting. For example the cheapest boards do not support SLI and so on.
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