Finalizing parts- compatibility test, assistance needed

Hi, this is my final list of parts - I am very new to building computers, so all I ask is if all of these parts are compatible. Please don't make any suggestions as to new parts if you have a personal preference, however, if they will not function properly, please let me know, I'd like to order these parts within the next few hours.
Thank you for all of your help thus far, forum :)

CASE: NZXT Phantom -

PROCESSOR: Intel i7 2600k -

^HEAT SINK: Cooler Master -

MOTHER BOARD: Asus Maximus IV -


POWER SUPPLY: Seasonic620W ATX12V -

SSD: Crucial M4 (64GB) -

HDD: Samsung Spinpoint -
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  1. looks good, you might want to get a 750 or 850 W PSU if ur going to sli later
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