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how much processor speed do hospitals, engineers,schools need
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  1. What kind of work are you doing? Schools typically don't need much, Engineers depends, I have no idea about hospitals.
  2. Those are vastly different questions. It all depends on what you are doing. Office PC's? hospital desks? almost none. Average school computers and labs also almost nothing. Engineers? who knows. depends on what they are doing. Unless you are using specialized software that's a resource hog (photoshop, autocad, rendering) most people don't need much, and your question iscway to vauge
  3. Engineers can run simulations in MATLAB - can be a real hog - faster is much better. CAD, compilers, PCB layout.... can all benefit from fast and multi core cou. Vague question - vague answers!!!
  4. thanks guys i was doing school project.
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