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RAM installation not working on Lenovo T410 type 2522

February 8, 2013 1:59:31 AM

My computer has been really slow lately, and when I look at the task management it seems to be using over 80% of physical memory almost at all times. so I decided to upgrade the RAM. I bought a Corsair 2-Pack 4GB 1.3GHz DDR3 SoDIMM Laptop Memory Kit from Best Buy and brought them home. Physically installed one (there's only one open slot on the bottom of the laptop) and turned the computer back on. It sent me into Windows Error Recovery and gave me the prompt to repair windows. I do this, and it says downloading memory or something along those lines, then the screen goes black. If I try to start Windows normally, it just send me back to the prompt screen. I know I installed them properly (it clicked into place) but I don't know why it won't work. Can someone please help me?