Problems connecting windows 7 to router

I just purchased an HP Pavillion DV6 PC Notebook. I brought it home, setup up wireless home connection to my secured Netgear 300"N" router and was online for a few minutes & dropped connection. The signal strength was excellent & I kept getting a message telling me that Windows 7 "Can't connect to your wireless connection". I spent at least 4 hours & a few calls with HP tech support. They were pretty good, sent me a replacement wireless card, replaced & have the same problem. I was then told to contact Netgear (router manufacturer) to have the router reconfigured. Come to find out they want 70$ for six months of extended tech service.. really?? Is there anyone that knows the trick here? I work a tech service line myself & felt this was robbery.... I founf the product manual on-line & I am currently reasding through it. So mad I couuld spit! Thanks, Matt
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  1. have you tried to set it to G-Only or N-Only?
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