Which monitor is better?

i am looking to get one of these two monitors for my gaming pc, they're within my budget so dont tell me to choose a different one please. Here are the two



which is better the vw224u or the vw224t?? they seem exactly the same, i cant figure it out!

pleeease help me
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  1. looks like the vw224u is out of stock and deactivated....
  2. well....i guess that makes things easier
  3. thanks for answering my question. ya know, just because its out of stick/deactivated on one site, does not mean its out of stock everywhere in the whole world. simple question, simple answer
  4. *stock
  5. One thing to keep in mind is that neither of these are full HD monitors. If you shop around some more you can find an HD 1080p for close to the same price.
  6. i dont need full HD, i already own a 1980 by 1080, however it is shared, but i also own a 1080p hdtv in my bedroom, so, i need this monitor just for when i am sitting at my own desk, so please any recommendations?
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