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AMD vs NVIDIA(GTX560 vs HD6870)

Hi..i'm at the latest steps of building my new PC,but there is 1 thing left...Go with AMD or Nvidia?
I don't think that price is notably different...
I was thinking to go with 6870,but now i saw that gtx560 is slightly new than HD6870(October 2010/May 2011),so i worry about new technologies used,price/performance/power consumption and so :)
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  1. Hmm...
    Looking for gtx560 just because Nvidia has better support(drivers) and gtx560 is released 7 months after 6870
    Am i wrong? :)

    I don't know your situation but after reading this article , if I where looking to buy a graphics card in the 560 , 560ti model I would be waiting a bit for this upgrade to come out.
    Also after looking at those charts posted above the 560 got higher fps than the 6870 in two out of the three charts.
  3. Nvidia is better at a single monitor setup and AMD with Eyefinity is better at multiple monitor setups. So it would be your choice as to what you are going with for monitors. As far as drivers go it would depend on what games you play , each card has thier favorites and no one card has comanding driver support for every game over the other. When you look at the benchmarks for the different games and which card has the higher fps for which game if you actually look at the results there is usually only a one to five fps difference and you are not going to notice that so its a wash. If by some chance you see a difference of 10 to 20 fps now you will notice a difference.
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    i say go for whats more cost effective; they both perform around the same and will make you happy no matter which one you choose. Nvidia is usually quicker with the driver fixes though in my experience
  5. I'll use it with single monitor...
    So any other opinions? :(
  6. Quote:
    get the cheaper between the 2, and the one with the game you like ;)
    Dirt 3 and Arkham City,
    both cards are fine and perform on par, it's up to pricing and that free gamer offer

    personally, I would have liked it better if it was arkham City with a Sapphire HD6870, that would fit me so perfectly....... :(

    Hmm...i don't care about the free game they offer...and things are not so easy i think
    I was using Nvidia since i was...erm....10 or so :)
    But there are the ones who say that "grass is greener on the other side",so i can decide...
    And i see that there are 7 months between these two,so i can't decide...
    I'm going to play battlefield3,MW3,and other AAA(or hardcore) games and i'll not be able to change my GPU at least for a year :/
  7. Hmm....but GTX240 doesn't have DX11
    So this matters :/
  8. Ok got it :)
  9. Bump?
  10. scroll up a few posts and take my advice
  11. Just wanted to hear other opinions :/
  12. You have quite a few sound opinions in this thread as well as a benchmark comparison. Find out what's in your budget, go watch some benches and reviews for each on YouTube; always has good unbiased reviews on cards there, and it will help make your decision.
  13. The performance difference overall (taking into account an average of popular games) is nil between the two cards. If you have a preference between the two brands or if there is a specific game that is friendlier to one than the other that should be the deciding factor. Well, that and price (and they're basically within $10 of each other so big deal).
  14. If you want to overclock, get the 560, which has a lot of overclocking headroom. The 6870's have very little headroom for overclocking. The 560 will also give you PhysX if you ever intend to play Batman: Arkham City or Arkham Asylum.
  15. Ok,thanks all....probably going with 560 :)
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