Changing from amd to intel MB, need help with windows reinstall

Hi all, I am changing from an AMD system over to Intel and I've heard that I will need to reinstall windows 7 fresh to avoid conflict. I havent picked out the specific MB yet but I am def going intel. I only have one HDD atm so I am wondering how I go about doing this? I've heard that windows may not boot with a new motherboard without the fresh install so basically I'm asking how I get setup for that motherboard if I cant boot with that motherboard in the first place. Do I just reinstall windows using my current motherboard and then switch motherboards or what? I'm a bit confused on the matter.
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    On your first startup with your new motherboard you select DVD/CD drive as the first boot device with you win media in it. Then select new install with format of the drive when the installation program runs.
    Before all of this make sure that you have all your user Data saved or backed up because it will wipe the drive.
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