Guys whats ur wei score and system?

My pc's wei is 5.2 intel dual core 2ghz- 5.3 2gb ddr2- 5.9 6800xt 128- 5.2 80gb ata disk- 5.7 And whats yours?
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  1. Wei is 7.8 , with a cpu - Intel 6 core 980X-Extreme , 24gb Corsair ram , 3X GTX 580 3gb , 3X Corsair 180gb SSD's , WD 600gb Veloceraptor sata3 , Antec High Current Pro 1200w psu.
  2. wei isnt really accurate anyway

    but since its nearly 5am on new years day and i have nothing better to do :(

    cpu 7.8

    ram 7.8

    aero 7.9

    gaming graphics 7.9

    disk data 7.4

    and thats why its not accurate--since its a sata 6gbs ssd with read and write speeds of 550mbs and 515mbs--7.4 is stupidly low

    2600k @ 5ghz

    gtx570 @ 880mhz

    16gb ddr3

    120gb ssd mushkin chronos
  3. CPU - 7.6 i7920 @ 3.9
    Mem- 7.8
    GFX- 7.9 480 GTX Stock
    GGFX- 7.9
    PHD - 7.7 Corsair Force 3 SSD

    WEI 7.6

    I do not hold much stock in the scores as long as the PC does what you need it to, I wouldnt concern to much with Windows Scores.

    Ariunbold said:
    My pc's wei is 5.2 intel dual core 2ghz- 5.3 2gb ddr2- 5.9 6800xt 128- 5.2 80gb ata disk- 5.7 And whats yours?
  4. My son's is 7.9 across the board except one ....can't remember which tho :)

    Think it was CPU (2600k @ 4.8 Ghz)
  5. CPU: 7.0 AMD X3 720 BE @ 3.6 Ghz
    Memory: 7.6 8 GB Mushkin DDR3 1600Mhz
    Graphics: 7.3 HD 4850
    Gaming Graphics: 7.3 Same
    Primary hard disk: 7.9 OCZ Vertex III 128GB

    This will be changing very soon, but one can see that I have no problems running anything I want. Its a solid system.
  6. theres some sad people on here--me included

    its new year and we are doing this?

    has new year arrived where ever you are?

    and wheres the last place to see new year in ?


    ps. not trying to hijack the thread--just answer on the end of your wei
  7. On Vacation, so on laptop:
    6.9 -- 7.4 -- 6.7 -- 6.7 -- 7.9
  8. <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript></noscript>

    Alienware M17x R1
    Intel Q9000 @ 2.3GHz
    8GB 1333MHZ
    GTX260M @ stock 550/950/1350
  9. Keep write guys
  10. Its 10:20 in Colorado. My wife is in the hospital so I brought in Chinese and we had dinner together. It was a nice quiet evening and I wheeled her outside for a change of scenery and for some fresh air.

    Some hospital administrator screwed up, she was supposed to come home today, even had her dressed, prescriptions in hand, and walking papers signed and they stopped her and told her she couldn't leave. Gotta say, she was in great spirits though.

    I7 2600K @ 4.4GHz
    Asrock Extreme4
    16GB GSkill DDR3 @ 1600mhz
    Sapphire 6950 flashed to 6970 @ 880/1250mhz
    2x Crucial C300 64GB Raid 0
  12. It is a sad New Years Eve around our house, lol, wife playing dance central on the Kinect and I am reading forums, It is even the wife's Birthday today but we decided to spend this year at home. We are in Edmonton only 10:30pm here, still 90 mins till 2012.

    Happy New Year to all of you more or less doing the same thing as us.. :)
  13. Processor: 7.6 (i7 950)
    Memory: 7.9 (12GB DDR3 @ 1,333MHz)
    Graphics: 7.9
    Gaming Graphics: 7.9 (AMD HD 6950)
    Primary HDD: 7.6 (OCZ Vertex 2E 120GB)

    A few things I've noticed about maximising your WEI score:

    For your SSD, check two things: if you have more than one SATA controller on your motherboard, try them all. My OCZ Vertex 2E scores 7.6 on one SATA2 controller and just 6.9 on the other. It would seem not every controller can maximise the performance of the disk. The second thing is make sure you've installed all the appropriate drivers for that controller, rather than just sticking with the default ones that install (and do work) when you load up Windows 7. Again, doing that added a few points to my score.

    If you have an AMD graphics card, make sure you go into CCC and set all the gaming options to maximum. If you don't, WEI won't override the current settings when it does its tests, and your card will be throttled. This is the exact reason why so many AMD cards initially only score 6.0 - it's an artificial cap.

    With the memory score, there are loads of artificial caps on the amount of memory you have. I believe 8GB is the first true point where that is no longer a factor and it's just done on bandwidth available. Triple channel memory at 1,333MHz seems to max that out. I could go higher (my memory is rated up to 2,000MHz), but that does something strange to my Asus Xonar soundcard.

    Again, it also seems that in my i7 Socket 1366 setup, ramping up the memory improves the CPU score. When I max out my memory speed, my CPU shoots up to 7.8. Just a shame it renders my sound unlistenable!
  14. Processor: 7.5 (2500k @ Stock clock)
    Memory: 7.9 (8gb Mushkin Blackline @ 2133mhz)
    Graphics: 7.8 (XFX 6870 @ 930mhz/ 1085mhz memory)
    Gaming Graphics: 7.8
    Primary HDD: 7.9 (Crucial M4 128gb)
  15. Specs Score
    CPU corei5 2320 @ 3.00 GHZ 7.4
    12gb DDR3 Hyper-X RAM 7.7
    Nvidia GeForce GT520 1GB 5.1
    Gaming graphics DirectX 11 6.5
    Hard Drive WDC 1.5TB 5.9

    Believe it or not this is a gateway DX 4860 with a few upgrades. A crap graphics card and not the best hard drive in the world but never had any problems thus far Not bad for the price really
  16. edgeria said:

    This looks fake... even i7-3930K overclock to 4.8Ghz cannot get a score 7.9 in CPU area....

    for nowadays hardware.... we can get all to 7.9 easily except 7.9 on CPU....
  17. sonexpc said:
    This looks fake... even i7-3930K overclock to 4.8Ghz cannot get a score 7.9 in CPU area....

    for nowadays hardware.... we can get all to 7.9 easily except 7.9 on CPU....

    you got it!, it was fake.. :sarcastic:

    7.3 cpu
    7.3 ram
    7.9 graphics
    7.9 gaming graphics
    7.7 hard drive only running a ssd at 3gbs

    just shows you that wei score is very inaccurate and can be easy to change
  18. can't get perfect W.E.I score but satisfied with coming close.

    7.8 CPU ( i7 2600k @ 4.3 GHZ)
    7.9 RAM ( 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 mhz ) O/C
    7.9 GRAPHICS
    7.9 HARD DRIVE ( Crucial M4 128 GB )
  19. i5-2450M @ 2.5Ghz (turbo to 3.1) 2 cores, 4 thread: 7.1
    Intel 3000HD: 5.9
    6gb DDR3 ram PC3-10700 @ 1333mhz: 7.4
    gaming graphics w/ 1692MB available: 6.4
    some shitty 750gb 5400 rpm HD: 5.9

    Computer: hp dm4-3050us (unmodified for now, hehehe.. :) )
    64 bit windows 7 premium
  20. Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz overclocked to 3.30GHz : 6.6
    Memory: (RAM) 4.00 GB 5.9
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 6.8
    Gaming graphics: 6.8
    Primary hard disk: 5.3
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