hello i want a good gaming computer(900 or less) that i can play shogun 2 total war on medium to high settings and use for school i was thinking either the

DV6T [...] tse_series


Asus G73JH-A2 [...] duct_id=58

Please help me
Thank you
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  1. Hello Cbarron30;

    Your links are bad.
  2. You feel OK sending your money off to Malaysia?
    That seems an unusually low price for a Asus G73 premium gaming notebook.
    If the price looks 'too good to be true'....

    How much do you know about ELECT SONEX SDN BHD as a company?
  3. That same notebook is available from: INDO TECH PAPER SDN BHD
    Also in Malaysia.

    Asus G73JH-A2 17.3" LED Notebook $820
  4. idk ill do some research on the site but which computer would you pick
  5. Probably HP dv5t deal for ~$900
    Core i5-2450M 2.5Ghz CPU, 6GB RAM, 15.6" 1920x1080 LCD w/ Radeon HD 7690M graphics.
  6. How soon do you need to get the new notebook?
    Some pretty big changes coming out in the next few months.
  7. is the 7690 better than the 5870 because what i looked up said that the 7690m was not even close to as good as the 5870m
  8. im going to sell my mac so idk what kind of changes
  9. no i wish i could i am selling my macbook pro and whatever i get plus some is what i am going to be able to spend
  10. It's not as good as the 5870M. But not too far off.
    And you don't need to send your money off to Malaysia and cross your fingers they send you something in return.
  11. so go with the hp?
  12. How soon do you need the new laptop?
    Some new stuff showing up pretty soon. AMD Trinity / Intel Ivy Bridge.
    Plus new 6xx series Nvidia GPUs and 7xxx series AMD GPUs.
  13. how soon and i can wait to sell my mac
  14. 1-3 months maybe? Ivybridge comes out june/july and kepler comes out soon!
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