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RAM timing problem

Hi i wanna ask about problem i got..i just installed new kingston hyperx genesis 1866 4gbx2 and when check at the bios it show ddr3 1333 not 1866 that it suppose to be..then i manually change it but the timing put to auto..and it became cas latency 13..RAS to cas delay 13..RAS precharge 13..cycle time 32 and bank cycle time suppose to be like 9-9-9-9-24 i need help here..thx
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    When you set the speed manually you need to set the timings manually as well. The computer is treating it currently as overclocked 1333MHz ram.
  2. what about XMP..can i change it in bios..where to find it?
  3. XMP is an Intel feature and ram has to be set manually on AMD system.
  4. so need to chnage manually mem volt settings also?this ram what the thing i need to change and not to change in bios for this memory then?cuz i already done it manually bioas manual show 9-9-9-9-24 and auto 13-13-13-13-26 i done that and my pc wont boot..
  5. Everything for the ram manually inclusive of voltage. At 1333 it is most likely setting the voltage at 1.5 volts.
  6. ok already done it....thx for the advise sir..really helpful :)
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