If I'm not using the ga-z77x-up7 for OC'' ing is it worth getting?

I just bought a azza genesis 9000 and i know I'm going to get a i7 3770k but I'm looking for a MB for it. I was looking at the GA-z77x-up7 and it sounds great but the problem is they say its for OC''ing I have no desire to overclock I hear this MB is the best for keeping the CPU cool thats the main reason I want it. Also I want to know will 16gb of ram fit with a Phanteks PH-TC14PE HEAT SINK attached to the GA-z77x-up7.

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  1. Same would apply to your "K" CPU but really what it comes down to the board is quality and if you are willing to spend the money it is worth it.
    Just don't buy ram with tall heat spreaders.
  2. Not really. You could get one of their cheaper Z77X boards if you have SLI/Crossfire in mind, but otherwise it's most likely a waste of money (unless there's some particular feature(s) you need, eg. the combination of Wifi, Bluetooth and mSATA).
  3. Lets look back at this, You are buying a "K" CPU, Quality Z77 Board and an Aftermarket Cooler. All Items that are associated with overclocking.
    You are throwing money out the window since you would get exactly the same performance from 3770 none K, H77 Board and the std Cooler!
  4. waste of money if you will not use them. but if you might oc (in the future) then good enough.

    it's like buying a 680 and say that you'll only use it for facebook
  5. On the other hand, it looks sweet. I'd pay extra just for that. Not $200 extra though.
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