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Trifire setup. Which card in which slot?

Hey guys, I put together a fantastic system. However I just wanna be sure I didn't do anything wrong.

I use a HD5970 + HD 5870 in crossfire (trifire). However, since i use a Aero fan on my HD 5970,. I had to put it in my second slot of my MOBO.

MOBO: is a ASROCK P67 Fatality Professional Series.

Both slot in crossfire run at 8x. So i guess it doesn't matter if I put the hd 5870 in slot #1 and the hd5970 in slot #2( i OCed the HD5970 to the same clockspeed as the hd 5870).

So far eveything works like a charm but I just wanna be sure I don't loose any performance with this setup vs put the HD 5970 in slot #1 and my hd5870 in slot #2.
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    if slot 1 is X16 and Slot 2 rated @ x16 you won't lose any performance.
    if slot 1 is rated @ x16 and slot 2 is rated @ x8 you won't lose any performance.

    Whatever, any card in any slot won't make a difference just make sure that you don't put a card in a PCIE slot that rated @ x4.
  2. Awesome, this is what I tough. I was lazy to try out the hd5970 in the first slot and rerun a benchmark..... :D
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