Dominator GT or Vengeace

Hello guys...I'm here for ask an help for my new memory on my PC...I don't know what models take between these two:

Dominator GT and the Venegeance...
I've a Asus Z77 Extreme 9 with i7-3370k,i'm use this pc for rendering,post video production and also like multimedial center/gaming...But most important for rendering and post video production

pls help me ç_ç

P.S. sorry about my english >.>
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  1. It literally does not matter. Whichever is cheapest.
  2. this is a compare from corsair site...but there's so low information >.<
  3. You will have no noticeable performance difference between the 2 kits. I prefer corsair but thats just my preference
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