How sensitive should a USB port be?

This is something minor but has been bothering(more annoyed) me for quite some time now.

My mobo is a ASUS P8Z77-V and I've noticed that the Mice/Keyboard USB ports on the back of my PC are quite sensitive to the point of just even slightly touching them would cause my Keyboard to disconnect and i'd have to remove and plug it back to enable it again. Is this normal? I mean are USB ports that sensitive?

This is more of a curiosity than a problem but something I'd like answered :)
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  1. Never heard of this one before. Are the connectors in all the way?
  2. Yup they are, also it's worth pointing out that of all the USB ports on the back of my PC only those Specifically for the Mice/Keyboard seem "loose" when you plug the connectors as you can wobble them up and down. They still work though thus the reason i never bothered to RMA the board and i've had my PC now for 9 months with this as the only minor issue.

    I've also checked dxdiag and Device Manager with both showing no problems detected.
  3. Maybe it is the quality of the connectors on the mouse/keyboard, try them in different ports.
  4. Maybe, thanks i'l give it a try on the 2 USB 3.0 ports just above them and see how it goes. Lol i can't help but find it funny that this issue only started when i switched from a ps/2 keyboard to a USB one. Oh another question since all my peripherals are USB even my headphones it doesn't matter what port i use right? I ask coz there are green/blue and black colored ports in the back and i'm no computer wiz :P
  5. Black is USB2 Blue is USB3 and it should all be compatible. Does not matter at all except a USB3 device will only run the speed of USB2 in that type port.
  6. thanks, will update this thread tomorrow and see how it goes.
  7. I am also having the same problem with my motherboard MSI 790GX-G65. I would like to ask if you have found the cause of this problem. Thanks!
  8. I am having the same problem also and it is driving me mad, just trying to disconnect one accessory disconnects all my components if I just slightly touch the wire or near the port.
    Sometimes my mouse or keyboard is not recognize because of this and I have to reboot for it to work again.

    I just keep hearing the MS sound in a loop like i was disconnecting and reconnecting my ports non stop.. for like 5 seconds.

    Super annoying.

    If anybody has a solution I would gladly appreciate, I'm on windows 8.1 btw.
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