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ok so i have this LOGISYS PS480D2 480W ATX12V Power Supply in my current rig(very old pentium 4 gateway) that psu is fairly new though. my question is would the current power supply be able to run the following set up?

intel i3 2120
4 gb ram
msi gt 430 oc gpu
msi h67ms-e23 mobo
500gb hdd
sony optiarc dvd/cd drive

i am in the process of putting this rig together peice by peice and was hopeing i could save a little bit of money and re use the psu. mainly the computer will be used for browsing and gaming. any input would be appreciated!

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  1. Nobody here will recommend you position a Logisys 480w between the wall and a bunch of computer parts that you don't want to have to buy again.

    A PSU can potentially destroy anything it is connected to which includes nearly every part of the computer.

    PSUs like this Logisys 480w maximize your chances of that happening.

    The 2120 itself is going to be about $120, the GT 430 is probably another $60. The 500 GB HD probably runs another 50 - 90. The Sony DVD drive probably at least 15.

    I figure the Logisys probably runs about $20.

    If you feel comfortable with a $20 PSU potentially destroying the other $300ish of hardware, then try it and maybe it will work.

    On the other hand, an Antec EarthWatts 430w can be had pretty cheap and delivers nice clean power and maximally protects components from being destroyed through inadequate power delivery.
  2. this is why i asked prior to attempting it. i figure ill just spend the extra money to get a better psu. thanks for the reply.
  3. People here generally suggest a very small number of very expensive brand PSUs, because they are just plain worth the higher cost.

    Nobody wants to hear a loud BANG and find out both their $20 PSU and their $200 video card are both destroyed when they could have had a $60 PSU and a $200 video card with no BANG and no broken things.
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