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Advice on video card upgrade please

I am having so many heat related issues with my radeon x1950 and I'm sick of it. what would be a logical upgrade for me based on my specs. I dont have a ton of money to spend either.....

3.60 gigahertz AMD Athlon II X2 250
Biostar TA785G3 HD motherboard
4G ddr3 ram

I think that's all the info required. If not i'll post more details. thanks in advance
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  1. How small is your budget, what res do you play and what is your psu ?
  2. PSU is a basic 500w. Res? Well Usually 1024x768. Budget? As low as possible lol
  3. Maybe a hd6670, from 60$ up. You could also try a gtx460 or hd6850 but they're more expensive. ( 130$ and up )

    Also depends what you do with it, is it for gaming, otherwise a cheaper card will do ?
  4. Well, gaming yeah. For example I'm planning on playing BF3 quite a bit
  5. Well, the 460/Hd 6850 will be better for bf3. ( still, no maxed out settings, but with the cpu that's not possible anyway, there might be just this litlle bit of a bottleneck allready with the 460/6850 )
  6. at that resolution and with a dual core i wouldn't go any higher than a 5770/6770. both should allow you to play BF3 fairly well at such a low resolution, but the processor will bottleneck that game quite a bit. its very multicore focussed.
  7. ok thanks guys. I'll see what they have on newegg
  8. Stick a 9800Gt or a 6670 in it .

    What about this one? What specifications, apart from memory, should I look at to define how good a video card is. Sorry, I'm a bit of an amateur in this area.
  10. You can't really look at specifications at all, you need to know what architecture is better. if in doubt, ask.

    the 9800gt isn't bad. probably a good choice if that's the most you want to spend.
  11. thanks welsh, but 'how' much better is the 9800gt than the x1950? or should i just spend a little more?
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    its a fair jump up, i would spend a little more though just to get better performance. a 5770 or 6770 is a great mid range card.

    If you don't want to spend that much though, a 6670 would also be great. but performance wise it's very similar to a 9800gt, just more efficient.
  13. 9800Gt and the 6670 will do the job at 1280 x 1024, 1440 x 900 and even 1680 x 1050 although you’ll most likely have to lower details in some games.

    The 6770 going for 109 if you mail in the rebate you can get it for 89.99.
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