HELP! ASUS Z77 Sabertooth Board Not Soldered Properly???

Hi all,

I really need some expert advice here please regarding my new Z77 Sabertooth, although unfortunately I think I already know the answer :(

I bought it a few weeks ago for my new build and for a few weeks everything had been running smoothly...... Until...... I had to unplug it from the mains and the BIOS and system clock reset. I thought it might be a faulty CMOS battery, so I removed the Thermal Armor and was about to remove the battery when I noticed the battery holder was very loose. After inspecting it for an hour or so I think the CMOS battery holder has only been soldered on one end! There are 2 pins under the battery holder, one is through a hole in the board and soldered but the other pin is sitting on top of the board, which means the battery holder is lifted on one side and it can move about!
Could anyone that has the Sabertooth or is an ASUS expert tell me from the pictures if this is the case or is it meant to be like this, I think I know the answer already that it hasn't been soldered properly but I just need to check.


Full Size Pictures:

Really need some help with this please.
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  1. Anybody, I'm really desperate here :-\
  2. Doesn't matter I was sure it wasn't meant to be like that but I hadn't fiddled around with a MoBo in years so I just need someone to concur so I knew I wasn't being a total n00b. Soldered it myself and it all works perfectly now =) Bloody ASUS, damn you :pfff:
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