6950 or 6870 with a Phenom II x4 955 for Battlefield 3

Hi guys,
I'm trying to save my rig to fall apart in game...
Currently I have a 5770 1gb from sapphire, it's a descent card but below 20 fps on DX11 mode is just too low. :cry:
I'm stuck between two cards the 6870 (single fan) and |1Gb| 6950 (dual fan) both from sapphire.
The 6870 retails for:144,90€ on amazone URL:http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B004R7MTPQ/ref=s9_simh_gw_p147_d0_g147_i5?pf_rd_m=A1X6FK5RDHNB96&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=13G1BJARYEN2KSJ3A93K&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=463375533&pf_rd_i=405320
On the other hand the 6950 retails for:194,90€ also on amazone URL:http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00578MCEM/ref=s9_simh_gw_p147_d0_g147_i6?pf_rd_m=A1X6FK5RDHNB96&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=13G1BJARYEN2KSJ3A93K&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=463375533&pf_rd_i=405320
This is the only website I would buy from, best prices and dilevery. (Yes I live in france...)
If you have any other cards to suggest, please do but I am on 200€ max budget....
This card is just to boost my performance and get my Phenom II x4 955 "un-bottlenecked" so to speak...
I won't crossfire (waiting for 28nm GPU's for that) and power isn't a problem (AX 750, yes I know it's overkill... :o )
but space might be: my system's case is an Antec P180 (Micro-atx), will both cards fit ? (I have my doughts about the 6950)
I'm aiming to run Battlefield 3 at max settings (both DX11 and AA) on a Full HD display. :bounce:
Anyhow thanks for reading and answering.

Here's my system:
Motherboard:Asus M4A785T-M
CPU:AMD Phenom II x4 955
Memory: DDR3 Corsair XMS3 1333mhz 4Go
GPU:Ati Radeon HD 5770 1gb by Sapphire
Case:Antec P180
PSU:Corsair AX750
Storage:80gox2 Raid 0 7200/rpm
Screen:Samsung P2250 1920/1080
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  1. No point spending too much $$ on a card now since 28nm is just around the corner. @ 1080p resolutions neither 560ti or a 6950 will run BF3 maxed out, however try to find a 6950 that can be flashed to a 6970 that would be your best bet at this time.
  2. well I'd get the 6870 if your going to get the new cards in December/January.

    That should run at high (not max) settings 1080p 30-50fps.

    A 6950 would probably run high at 40-60fps.

    If you want run bf3 at max at 1080p you'll need to spend more than €200.

    So my advice is to save some money while waiting for the new cards and get the 6870 and run at high (not much difference than max imo)
  3. I see...in that case for even more money saving would the minor sacrifice of a 6850 still be enough to run the game in high correctly note it would save me 20€:
    Thanks for your answers.
    PS: Are you sure a 6950 or 560 ti don't max out the game on single screen ( 3D out of the question), I mean 60fps Avg is all you need no point having a lot more...
  4. Well, when i played the beta my HD 6950 was hitting 35+ FPS on ultra 1080P, and i was able to hit a constant of 50 FPS in Metro Operation.
    when i overclocked my 1055T to 4.0 GHz and OCed the NB and GPU, that gave me a 10 FPS increase, i never dropped below 50 FPS
  5. I have a 6950 with a pII x3 720, with the forth core unlocked and oc to 3.5 ghz. playing bf3 on ultra I get about 30- 60 fps. avg is more like 40. just to given an example. I have no issue with those frames but it depends on bothers you.
  6. No I'm pretty sure a 6950 won't run this at max at 60fps, some benchmarks show that a 580 can't even get 60 fps average.

    I wouldn't get the 6850. Ok so my advice is the 6950 if you don't mind spending an extra €50 for an increase of about 10 fps
  7. http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,851282/Battlefield-3-11-Radeon-and-GeForce-graphics-cards-tested/Reviews/

    Check this out, 580 getting 38.7 fps 1080p max

    560ti getting 29.4 fps 1080p max
  8. I'm running a Phenom II X4 965 BE @ 4.0GHz, 1.40v, and i have a 6950 @ 880MHz GPU/1325MHz VRAM - playing BF3 on Ultra, BUT you have to change it to Custom and turn MSAA OFF. Only using Post-Processing AA (FXAA), otherwise, MSAA will destroy your FPS in this game.

    With my current setup, on these settings at 1920x1080, I'm averaging 45-50 FPS in most multi-player maps and hang out at 60 FPS in many areas of maps, 60+ FPS in single player. I do get the occassional drop to around 30 FPS when there's just a ton of crap going on at once, but I haven't seen it go below 30 FPS on any map. Very few single GPU's can handle it on Ultra, but it's only because Ultra turns on MSAA at 4x, you really need a dual-GPU setup to handle MSAA effectively in this game.
  9. Meant to add: I'd go with the 6950, if you're not playing at a resolution above 1920x1080, then you can get a 1GB model for a great price. I've seen them on sale recently for as low as $229 w/a $30 MIR to boot.
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