Motherboard not turning on

hi guys newbie here. first post lol

where do i even begin...
i have a three year old system that never gave me any issue whatsoever. i am going to buy a new system soon so i decided to buy a video card first, a powercolo 7950 pcs + and to be on the safe side i upgraded my psu as well to a new corsair tx 650 m.
the system worked fine for about a couple of months but it suddenly died out of nowhere while i was playing. and then the pc won't turn on anymore.

i have stripped the parts bare, just the motherboard , cpu, and a fan connected to the cpu fan header laid it on a clean desk BUT IT STILL WOULD NOT TURN ON.

the ROG LED and (when connected) the xfi sound card led lights up when i turn both of the psus, but wont boot.

i tried my three year old silverstone raider 500 but still to no avail.

im using...
asus crosshair iii formula
amd 555/ b55
ocz 2000 dual channel ddr3 2x2gb

is it the board going bad already?

sorry for the long ass post.

your thoughts?
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  1. can you check if your PSU is delivering power to your motherboard or check your psu that its not dead.
  2. i have checked both psus and they can power my other rig.
    intel q6600 + 9800gt
  3. help?
  4. sorry for the late reply.... u need to check each of your componenet one by one, start form the RAM. Sometimes bios causes the problem. So reset your bios by taking out bios cell and waiting for few minutes. Then check your mobo. Because processors rarely cause the problem. if everything goes ok then it has to be your processor
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