Overclocking MSI 6970 Lightning Video Card

I'd just gotten my MSI 6970 Lightning video card last week. And i was wondering how high can I overclock this video card?

1. Is it possible to get this card to 1015mhz safely? I'm @ 980mhz right now, and I don't want to go any higher until I find out if it's safe speeds for this GPU.

2. Would I have to mess with voltages to reach 1015mhz?

3. What should my memory be @ to accompany the speed increase?

4. And what kind of software is available for stability tests, if there is such a thing?

5. Would this stress out my PSU at all? (XFX - XXX edition 650 watt power supply) B. I also plan on overclocking my CPU to 4ghz (or over), and also my RAM if possible
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  1. Try Msi Afterburner and their stability tool.
  2. The speed is fine for the card as long as the temperature is good. It's usually when you raise the voltage it becomes a problem if you don't have good cooling.
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