How to connect my mobile and pc via Wifi

Hello, I am using a Compaq Presario Laptop and i recently bought a new new mobile which has Wifi. Now I want to connect it to my pc via wifi. I know nothing about wireless networking or wifi. :fou: Please Help..
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    Do you mean, bridge the PC over to the laptop via wifi so it can use the cellular network for Internet access?

    If so, you need to do three things.

    1. Either configure the laptop's wireless as an adhoc wireless network, or install Connectify on the laptop (must be runnning Windows 7) and configure the laptop as a wireless AP (access point).

    2. Enable ICS on the laptop's mobile network connection and associate it w/ the wireless network connection so they two will be bridged.

    3. Finally, connect the PC to the laptop’s wireless.
  2. Yes I want to use my cellular network for internet access. It seems to be somewhat difficult.. I am doing this now.. I will post if i got something wrong.. Thank you..
  3. It works.. thanks guys..
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