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I have a dell studio 1555 with a PM45 motherboard, and last week replaced the CPU from a T4400 to a T9800.

My "load" temp (70-75% load) on the CPU gone up to 70C and the motherboard temp gone up to 80C.

When replacing I cleaned the original thermal paste from the CPU and heatsink, also wiped the GPU (Radeon 4570) and the other 2processors surface (they got thermal pads, which I just left there) a bit and applied the basic thermal paste (I got it with the cpu), a really thin line on those surfaces.

The Q is, how can I cool the CPU and the motherboard down?

Was I right applying the paste on the pads? Should I clean the pads from the paste and test the temps? Also if I get a proper paste (Arctic silver or similar quality) how much will it help me?

Read a couple of threads here before I went for it, and wasnt sure about the best practice.

Thx in advance.
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  1. Adding thermal compound on the already existing compound (pads) won't help. One the heat sink is rremoved you should completely clean off the old compound, clean the surfaces and reapply new heat sink compound. Use 70-90a5 alcohol to clean the old surfaces and just apply a drop of the new grease in the center of the CPU.
  2. Thx Delroy for the reply.

    I opened it up again, cleaned those chips as good as I could without alcohol and applied compound onlu on the cpu.

    Now my temps are lower cca 5-7C which is pretty good.
    Thx ;)
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