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Guys, im kinnda new it network.However, i want to setup new network printer.
Can i just get the ip address when i plug in network cable to router?
Or should i setup the ip from router?
kindda getting confius..
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  1. You want the IP address of the printer to be consistent. There's a few ways to do this:

    1) manually enter the network info (address, gateway, subnet) into a printer via control panel (or web interface, if it gets one via DHCP & you can connect)
    2) reserve an address in DHCP for it. You'll need the printer's MAC address, sometimes you can get that from a status printout. This is better than choice 1 because now the router won't assign the manual address to another device.
  2. Tq all for the info.Ive succesfully install the printer..yuhuu!
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