I have the 1090t II x6 cup which mobo will be best for this processor?

I have the amd 1090t II x6 cpu, which mobo will be best for this processor? here are my add-ons.... video: 1 xfx 5770 hd 1gb, ps: Rockfish 80 plus sliver 900w, HD: WD Caviar black 1.0TB/w 64mb cache, i'm looking to upgrade from am2+ to the AM3/AM3+ plat form with what i have and should i change any of my componets. :whistle:
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  1. If you are buying board for it then go with AM3+ board with 9xx chip set. Like http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157281
  2. hey thanks rolli59..... but do you think asrock would be better then gigabytes ud3 or ud7 boards?....moneys no object.... "BUT" i would still like to get the bang for my bucks. :o)
  3. Gigabyte is good...but I have found that Asus has better onboard tools for overclocking, if that is a concern for you. The build quality is about the same for either manufacturer. I have only ever had one bad board from Asus, and the retailer (Fry's Electronics) replaced it immediately.

    The only issue I have had with ASRock has been quality. About 2 years ago, I ordered a build for a friend that included an ASRock mainboard. The board was DOA, and with a single phone call to the manufacturer, they sent a replacement, which, sadly, was also DOA. The third board, which came in about a month after the very first phone call, was finally good. Kudos to ASRock for standing behind their product and making the RMA process fairly easy, but still...
  4. thank 4 the help houndsteeth....i will be looking into asus mobo's.
  5. +1 on the Asus and Gigabyte boards.
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