September 2011 $500 Build

Ok so im in a bit of an issue. I decided for this christmas i asked for the $500 september 2011 build. Ive got it all setup according to the manual and everything. i redid it 3 times and still to no avail it does not want to post. Everything powers up the graphics card / processor fan but the power supply fan doesnt spin and i dont know if the CPU is even turning on? everything is in nice and fitted. ive tried with / without 1 stick of the ram. Im using every part that the $500 september 2011 build is using except i have my own CD-Rom / Graphics / Hardrive so i could afford the pc.?


Case - NZXT Gamma Classic Series GAMA-001BK
CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition
GPU - MSI N430GT 1GB - Works im positive cause im using it in my dell right now awaiting to figure out whats wrong with the mobo :L
RAM - 4GB Ballistics Dual Channel 1600 Mhz
Mobo - ASRock M3A770DE
Harddrive - Western Digital 500GB 7200RPM
CD-Rom - Old Toshiba from my Dell in 2006
If u need any more specs or info its on the system builder marathon 2011 september $500 one.

Also this case didnt come with a Speaker. Should i buy 1 to see if the speaker will tell me. and if yes where could i buy 1 possibly for under $20

This was my first time building a new pc and hint i have worked on it all day until my fingers blistered. i have tried resocketing the processor 3 times. Putting the graphics card in different slots. Using 1 stick of ram at a time. tried both configurations in manual. All Pin connectors and headers are in the right place. I have cleared CMOS and tried turning off EUP. Have redone the thermal paste on cpu twice. Like i said the Whole computer starts up like all fans. but i did notice the PSU fan did not start i dont know if it wasnt supposed to or it auto activates when it heats up. I left the pc on for 30 minutes and notice the CPU Heatsink wasnt warm. I have ran through the Steps in other posts here about the Will not Post/Boot the troubleshooting guide. like i said i put atleast 12 hours into this computer. Thinking of buying a new Mobo but i just want some feedback.

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  1. Power supply specs?
  2. Antec EarthWatts Green EA430D 430 W

    Not sure what u ment but heres the item page
  3. Don't mess with the cpu anymore. I'm sure it's ok enough to post. Be sure the 4+4 pin lead from the power supply is seated next to the cpu; only fits one way. That video card may not have any leads from the power supply; not sure. Your antec is a good brand, and should power up your board easily. Bios file p1.10 for your 955 is old enough so that the board should already have it loaded from the factory.
  4. i have all that but im goin to check the bios version. but i will post the picture of the computers guts and maybe i connected something wrong >.<
  5. Still to no avail. I dont even know if my video card is registering cause it seems like it post but my screen doesnt wanna turnon cause my pc stays on and all and the cdrom seems to read disks and should i try to hear if the windows boots up? But this card is known working cause i still use it? Confused
  6. I am now just going to say screw it and probably take it into a repair shop. something is defective cause the processor does not turn on or the heatsink is a boss. ive tried almost everything. honestly dont know what else i could do. the board i have does not have warranty. and newegg has officially lost alot of respect from me.. have had bad experiences with them in past.. and then this. but anyways. the processor did have bent prongs i straightened them out and i know that they should work cause they fit exactly in the socket.

    hoping ill be able to atleast get it running before break is over. Discourages me from building pcs anyways if it is the mobo. does anyone have any suggestions that could harness the 120w processor under preferably $70?
  7. Another Question? Does this board support Nivida Graphics? or is that maybe why it doesnt showup?
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