Mboard won't recognize older sata drives

I just installed a new MSI board (amd FM2). I bought a new 1TB Seagate HD have 2 (1 old and 1 new DVD drives), my old SATA HD with XP on it (WD 500) and an old IDE (WD 500) with all my data.

I can't connect the IDE drive directly, but via USB with an IDE to USB adapter - and I think its showing up on the boot list - but can't boot from it.

The new segate Sata drives show up - its blank. But no matter what I try, I cannot get the old Sata XP drive to show up - as even present during bios boot. I have the Mboard drive controls set to IDE.

I am worried it may be damaged I had a power supply failure that lead to this upgrade ( I assumed it was the Mboard (did the upgrade pluggedin the old power supply and realized it was bad) replaced the power supply and the new board fires up...any advice?
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  1. Your XP installation is bound to the old motherboard. Part of the boot process is detecting hardware and then loading drivers for said hardware. So, what's happening is the XP OS is trying to load old motherboard chipset drivers that are very likely incompatible with your new motherboard.

    Install a more recent OS (Vista, 7, or 8), and then transfer files using Windows Easy Transfer. See here.
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