Which card is better, 6950 2gb or 560 ti?

MSI GTX 560 ti Hawk


Sapphire Radeon 6950


EVGA GTX 560 ti superclocked


Which card is better? I'm looking to play bf3 on ultra settings with everything maxed out. I noticed that the 6950 has a switch to automatically switch the bios to a 6970.

I'm currently using a EVGA gtx 250 superclocked (800 core and 1800 shader). It runs bf3 smoothly with (Auto) medium-high settings, but when I crank everything to max, it lags.

Price range is pretty much from 250-300. All of these cards are considered the best for the price range but it's hard to decide. I've seen many benchmarks on them and they all beat each other in different ways. This includes the warranty as well.

My pc specs:
amd x4 black edition 3.0 (water cooled with CoolIT, does a very good job with double fans over the heatsink)
ddr2 ram 1x4gb
22" lcd monitor 1680-1050
Azza case, lots of ventilation
EVGA gts 250
700W PSU
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  1. Resolution not screen size please. What your running at 1680?
  2. gnomio said:
    Resolution not screen size please. What your running at 1680?

    Oh my bad, just added that in, yes at 1680x1050
  3. In terms of overall performance, a Radeon HD 6950 beats the GTX 560 Ti by a small margin. The 2GB of VRAM help with demanding games and resolutions at least 1900x1080. However, it does run hotter and louder, and I believe uses more power. I would still go for the HD 6950, especially the Sapphire Toxic Edition you chose.
  4. Anonymous said:
    Oh my bad, just added that in, yes at 1680x1050

    Oh, at that resolution, it doesn't really matter which one. They tear up pretty much any game. I still vote on the HD 6950.
  5. Go with the Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 it rocks................. ;)
  6. Ill go for the 6950 Toxic edition. See if it unlocks

    ^Even out the box that card is clocked higher and performs very well. Check that review what it did against the 6970
  7. I would really like to buy the 6950 Toxic but it costs $310 with included tax for newegg (comes with 2 free games) and $308 on tigerdirect (don't believe it comes with anything). I could get the gtx 560 ti hawk and it would costs me $272 but idk which to get. Help me out here.
  8. Both are great. I am a huge nVIDIA fan so I vote for the GTX 560 Ti.
  9. any1 mind answering my question?
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