Processor and RAM - FSB Speeds?

Current system has an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor with 6 GB of DDR-2 800 MHz RAM installed. I found the board can supoort the T9550 Processor but the FSB speed is 1066MHZ vs 800 Mhz on the T6600.

Can the processor be upgraded using the current RAM?

I've been reading the forums and even chatted with the MB manufacturer but seem to get some conflicting info.

Anyone have some good straight forward info?

Any info would be much appreciated ... thank you!
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  1. Sure, but it's only gonna run at 800 MHz.
  2. That was kind of a simple answer; what I meant is that your setup is only going to run as fast as the slowest part of the chain.
  3. You have DDR2 800Mhz RAM and you want to upgrade to 1066Mhz? Not a good idea. There's not going to be much difference in speed and these days, due to availability issues, DDR2 already costs about the same, if not more, than DDR3. If you really, really, really need faster RAM might as well buy a new system utilising DDR3 that way you can use 2000Mhz DDR3 RAM.
  4. 9xer .... Thanks, that's what I was thinking. I really don't need a new system. I have the opportunity to upgrade processors. The T6600 runs 2.2 mhz with 2 mb of L2 cache whereas the T9550 runs at 2.6 mhz with 6 mb L2 cache. It's a $55 upgrade.

    Figured I should get some benefit. Just wanted to make sure there was no instability with the setup?

    It's a good system running Ubuntu 12.04 x64.
  5. I don't see any instability problems. Unless you're doing some really processor-intensive stuff (like crunching numbers), I doubt you'd notice any improvement in processor speed, as your current setup sounds pretty fast already.
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    Probably need to run benchmarks to tell any difference in those 2 processors. You probably will see some improvement otherwise, but it will be small. Your RAM is just fine.
  7. Thanks for the input all. For $55 I think I'll oder the processor.
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  9. So I picked up the T9550 and the system shuts down when I get to the Ubuntu desktop. Any ideas? ... Is it memory incompatibility? ... right now I have the old processor back in.
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