Need to upgrade motherboard which one?

So I recently bought an i7 3770k processor only to find out I had a am3 socket that doesnt let a 3770k fit. I need to upgrade my motherboard to change the socket to lga1155. But the form factor on my current motherboard is uATX and most good motherboards are a ATX. Im guessing that the ATX motherboard wont fit or something so will I have to change my case aswell?
Thanks any other specifications can be found here about my computer.
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  1. Case says it is a Mid-ATX so I would assume it would be available for an ATX configuration, but then I do not know why they would go with a mATX board. Also, that is not true that most good MOBO's are ATX, you can get good mATX boards, they are just going to be pricier, mATX doesn't equal bad, it's just a smaller form factor for specific applications/smaller builds.
  2. You'll run into another problem, you have an OEM PC (HP, Dell , etc). Your OS is an OEM windiows version and as such is tied to the mother board, if you get a new motherboard, you'll need a new OS.

  3. I should have never bought a damn HP
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