This is only the last page of the benchmark testing.
In short DDR pc2100 is 10% better than SDRAM pc133 and cost 200% or more. You will have to wait long to take adavantage of DDR per money value. Besides DDR supporting chipset and motherboard are not quite steady yet and expensive too.

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  1. The same could be said for the performance comparison between EDO and SDRAM when SDRAM was first released. Wait for the palomino to come out and you'll see a drastic increase of DDR performance. Remember, AMD is one of the main pushers of DDR so don't be surprised if SDRAM blows on the palomino and DDR rocks.

    -MP Jesse
  2. When is palomino coming out?
    I hope it's soon and it keeps its promise.
  3. I'm getting pc150 ram and trying to oc my tbird to 150mhz fsb. That is probably the best speed option you can use right now. At least having the tbird at 133fsb would be nice.
  4. 200% more? that must be Kingston DDR memory compared to Genereic SDRAM. Look at DDR and SDRAM from most companies and you will see a $10-$20 difference between them.

    Satan Clara...... 'Nuff said.
  5. If there are no big increase in performance for DDR-Sdram base on current mobo...then why buy it? What is the difference between the new support mobo DDR-ram and the Palomino that make the Palomino run faster with DDR-ram? can someone explain?
  6. First of all a 10 percent increase is quite a sizable increase in performance. Remember you are only upgrading one part of the whole system and the 10 percent increase applies to the whole system. the later is just speculation as to the palomino...... Remember when Intel released p3 with rambus and it showed no noticable increase in performance until rambus was coupled with the p4? this was do to the fact that the p3 could not utilize the increased bandwith of rambus. Many are speculating that the same will happen with the palomino and DDR.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  7. It's already available on the net. Some places are taking pre-orders.

    -MP Jesse
  8. really? That's very cool. Where are can I get plaomino?
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